Product Description:

Step up the ambience of your space with this incredible moon and tree inspired LED backlit canvas. The moon and tree combination is a natural combination of elements with the tree representing the earth. Tides occur because the gravitational force between two bodies decreases with distance. Gravitation is the universal force of attraction between all matter. It holds astronomical bodies together and attracts different bodies toward each other. Because gravity tugs on nearby things more strongly than on distant things, the oceans closest to the Moon feel the greatest attraction to the Moon.

Each canvas has color-coordinating LEDs built into the backside of the canvas, creating a surreal, ethereal outer glow that adds a soft illumination to the room. The seven different LED colors make the art visible in the dark, while also making it appear lit from the inside out - adding energy and life to everything from famous landmarks, to nighttime skylines, crashing waves, and beyond.

Product Details:
Colors: Multi
Measurements: 90L x 30W x 3H  (cm)
— Gallery Wrapped Canvas Art Print
— Built-In LEDs For Ambience + Depth
— Powered By 9V Battery (not included)
— Our product have 7 different led colors that can be changed with remote control
— Sturdy, wooden frame