Product Description:
Step up the ambience of your space with this incredible Aurora inspired LED backlit canvas. An aurora, sometimes referred to as polar lights, northern lights, southern lights, is a natural light display in the Earths sky, predominately seen the in high altitude regions around the Arctic and Antarctic. 

Each canvas has color-coordinating LEDs built into the backside of the canvas, creating a surreal, ethereal outer glow that adds a soft illumination to the room. The seven different LED colors make the art visible in the dark, while also making it appear lit from the inside out - adding energy and life to everything from famous landmarks, to nighttime skylines, crashing waves, and beyond.

Product Details:
Colors: Multi
Measurements: 90L x 30W x 3H  (cm)
— Gallery Wrapped Canvas Art Print
— Built-In LEDs For Ambience + Depth 
— Powered By 9V Battery (not included)
— Our product have 7 different led colors that can be changed with remote control
— Sturdy, wooden frame