With Lamps this Gorgeous, You’ll Never Want to Turn off the Light

With Lamps this Gorgeous, You’ll Never Want to Turn off the Light

Meet Moderndek Mobile Lighting

Inspired by modern design and the need to be mobile in today’s world, Moderndek offers lighting solutions that are both supremely attractive and utterly practical. 

When concealed, the Moderndek lamp presents itself as a semi-circular leather disc, thus easy to carry and simple to store. When opened however, the Moderndek lamp fans out to either a peacock-like semi-circle arrangement or to a complete circle. Plus, each piece comes with a magnet and a strap for mounting or hanging. So many configurations to suit your needs.

In addition to the various arrangements, the Moderndek lamp can also shine different colors on command: Blue, Cyan, Green, Pink, Red, White, and Yellow. Depending on your mood, pick the shade to set the desired ambiance.

For power, the Moderndek lamp runs on a lithium battery that uses a micro-USB charger. Therefore, our mobile lamp can be charged almost anywhere, be it a wall socket, a computer or tablet, a car, or even a portable power bank. Each lamp needs around four hours to charge and provides up to six hours of lighting after a full charge.

The Moderndek lamp is currently available in three colors. The Raven closes to reveal black leather while the Potter sports brown leather. On the other hand, our most vibrant option is the Azure with its turquoise leather enveloping the half-moon exterior of the lamp. From sleek to elegant to lively, we have it covered.

Whichever color you opt for, what’s for certain is that the Moderndek lamp will add a gorgeous contemporary touch to your home, office, or outdoor space. Throw it in your bag and you’ll never be without light, wherever life takes you.  


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